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Traffic police officers suspended over bribery

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
The two suspended traffic police officers. DAP News

Two Phnom Penh traffic police officers have been suspended from their job after they demanded money from a foreign motorist who violated the traffic law.

The National Police said yesterday that two traffic police officers accepted $20 from a foreign driver who did not obey the traffic light in exchange for not sending him to the traffic police office.

Their suspension came after a video clip went viral and drew criticism from the public when the officers were seen demanding money from a foreign driver who did not respect a traffic light in Phnom Penh.

Colonel Sem Kunthea, chief of Phnom Penh traffic police, confirmed that two officers were temporarily suspended from their jobs.

Mr Kunthea added that the two officers violated police rules which banned officers from taking bribes that could damage the force’s reputation.

He declined to disclose the names of the two officers.

“We do it step by step and we do it based on a red-handed case,” Mr Kunthea said when asked if other officers would be suspended for taking bribes.

A fellow traffic police officer identified the suspended officers as Sorm Alden and Ton Veasna.

However, officials declined to reveal how long the two officers would be on suspension.

General Chuon Sovann, Phnom Penh police chief, said that the two officers were disciplined.

“We have implemented administrative discipline,” Gen Sovann said. “I do not have the right to fire them, but I have the right to request their dismissal from the Ministry of Interior.”

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