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Giving peace a chance

Eileen McCormick / Khmer Times Share:
Artist Myong Hee Kim, the background shows her Peace Masks. Photo: Supplied

The first ever public exhibition in Cambodia featuring the founding artist of Japan-based Peace Mask Project, Myong Hee Kim and the brave models who trusted enough to explore themselves will be held on the top of Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh, today.

A community-led initiative, Peace Mask Project is the collective effort of hundreds of volunteers, supporters, models, and trainers. The unique and expressive facial impressions in the Peace Masks are made from traditional hand-made papers. Individually, each mask represents a serene symbol of peaceful spirit. Shown together in large wall murals, the collective masks serve as a reminder that the fate of humanity depends on allowing for and appreciating diversity while striving towards more meaningful cooperation.

Artist Myong Hee Kim. Supplied

Myong Hee Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. She came to Kyoto, Japan in 1975 and began to study painting under Japanese masters. This study led to her first solo exhibition at Sanjo Gallery in Kyoto in 1985, which led to an international career in painting and the Peace Mask Project, a Kyoto City based NPO. In addition to Japan and Korea, Myong Hee has had solo or group exhibitions in Canada, Germany, Poland, the United States and Russia along with Peace Mask Workshops, exhibitions and presentations in Spain, India, Finland and Cambodia. Currently Myong Hee Kim is working and living in Imadera, Fukui Prefecture, a small village located high on the slopes of Mount Aoba.

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