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New lens system for iPhone X

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Ever wanted to give your smartphone photography that little extra oomph?. olloclip

Ever wanted to give your smartphone photographs that little extra oomph? olloclip, a mobile accessories company (and yes, the lowercase ‘o’ is intentional), has launched a set of mountable iPhone X-compatible camera lenses.

Dubbed the ‘Connect X’ lens system the device consists of a new mount that covers both the dual rear cameras and the front-facing camera to allow the attachment of interchangeable lenses to push your smartphone photography to the next level – or so it claims.

olloclip has grand designs for its system and has described their product as revolutionary in smartphone photography; “Like lenses used on larger professional DSLR cameras, olloclip lens systems are designed to provide similar perspectives and are sized small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or hand. And because of olloclip’s award-winning design, the lens system clips on and off your device in seconds. Simply attach the lens to your device and unleash your creativity.”

Photo: olloclip

While their lenses have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, they have in the past been notoriously fiddly to swap out. Despite olloclip’s assurances, reviewers have found olloclip’s lenses are difficult to secure into place. With this newest generation, the company has sought to solve this common gripe with a patented attaching system.

The lenses will function without the need of a custom phone case, although olloclip will sell you one for $30.

For the princely sum of $100, the company’s Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X packs a Fisheye lens, a Super-Wide lens and a Macro 15x lens and is currently available for purchase on and Amazon.

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