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Exploring the hidden gems of Siem Reap

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times Share:

Aside from the ancient temples, there are several places in Siem Reap that are also worth exploring. If you’re planning to find and visit these places any time soon, use Siem Reap Map and Walk mobile application.

Like its slogan “Lose yourself without getting lost,” Siem Reap Map and Walk app presents several guides on the best places in Siem Reap – places that have seemingly fell into the underrated category. The app also encourages people to explore Siem Reap on foot, giving the chance to appreciate the beauty of the places in a more comfortable, un-hurried way, as the map’s functions are designed for walking.

The app comes with a detailed and fully functional city map that will give you easy access to the main roads and sights of interest. The map includes street names and numbers, business locations (restaurants, cafes, souvenir stores, etc). You can conveniently search locations and track your movements. The app also allows users to take photos of their explorations and share them with friends.

Temples, shopping malls and nightlife destinations are also listed in the app.

Siem Reap Map and Walk is available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

Exploring uncommon tourist sites

Siem Reap is known to be the house of Cambodia’s ancient temples. But this mobile app introduces new beautiful tourist sites to travelers. The places’ location and details are show in the map. You can browse through the list if you do not have specific destinations yet. There are several great and majestic places to choose from.

No internet, no problem

What’s good with the Siem Reap Map and Walk app is that it still functions even without an internet connection. You can still browse through its functions, and use the city map even without mobile data or wi-fi. Your travel won’t be interrupted or spoiled with internet or network disruptions.

GPS-guided city walk

With GPS, you will never get lost in the city. You can go anywhere on foot without worrying about not reaching your destination. The apps gives you all the necessary information and will give you accurate directions so you’d enjoy Siem Reap better.

Leaving footprints

As the app is mainly for tourists who want to see Siem Reap in a different way – by walking on foot – the place becomes clearer in the eyes. You won’t need motorbikes or tuktuk to take you to places. Just set the app to the place you want to visit and it will be your companion as you start your exploration. When you walk, you learn more, get fitter and leave significant footprints.

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