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Five dead in SUV/fuel truck collision

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
The burning PTT fuel truck and SUV on National Road in Kok Kong province. Facebook/Sre Ambel District Police

Five people burned to death in their SUV (Lexus 470) after a collision with a PTT fuel truck. PTT is a Thai state-owned oil and gas company. The truck driver and co-driver were injured.

Major Oum Sophorn of the Provincial Deputy Traffic Police initially stated that the accident occurred this morning (April 28) on National Road Number 4 in Koh Kong’s Sre Ambel district. “Until now, we know that at least four people burned to death in the car. We don’t know their identities, or how many were male or female, or how many people were in the car altogether.”

The casualty count has increased to five.

The police are using a crane to entangle the vehicles, which will allow them to extract the bodies. This is the first step in enumerating and identifying the victims.

The preliminary police report, although not comprehensive and lacking eye-witness accounts, does state that the SUV rammed the PTT tank truck. The ensuing blaze was extinguished by the fire brigade, but still totally consumed the SUV and damaged the truck to 70 percent.

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