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ABC Exceptional Night with Nico

Bringing ABC Be Exceptional to everyone. Photo credit: ABC Extra Stout Cambodia

Phnom Penh: On Wednesday 25 April 2018, ABC Extra Stout continued its journey to PhumKreus Angkor Restaurant featuring Cambodia’s famous young and passionate performer who always gives 101% in everything he does. He is actively campaigning to encourage the youth to reach for their dreams and to believe in themselves, Mr. Nico – ABC EXCEPTIONAL NIGHT – bringing ABC Be Exceptional to everyone.

The night of excitement included exceptional performances from the Fierce Exceptional Star Mr. Nico, ABC Extra Stout fashion models, as well as other interactive activities. Moreover, ABC Extra Stout fans enjoyed the new taste of ABC Extra Stout Cocktail by skilled bartenders.

ABC EXCEPTIONAL NIGHT is part of ABC’s Be Exceptional campaign which celebrates successful Cambodians who have demonstrated their strength, knowledge and achievements in the areas of art, business and community building and also leading the way to help everyone Be Exceptional through the power of many.

ABC Extra Stout remains the unrivalled leader in the premium stout market in Cambodia with consumers choosing to “savour the magic” of its exceptional ingredients and award-winning taste preferred by young adult drinkers and high-class artists and high profile businessmen.

ABC EXCEPTIONAL NIGHT will continue to be held at Tag Pub & Lounge on Friday 27th April with Cambodia’s Superstar who is rising with real passion and dedication for her craft, she has become a staple performer for the industry. She gives back by mentoring and sharing her dexterity with all her followers, Ms. Meas Soksophea.

Please join this upcoming event to get exceptional experience with ABC Extra Stout!

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