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Foreigners given more time to get work permits

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
The deadline has already been extended once. Supplied

The Ministry of Labour yesterday announced it was postponing the deadline for foreign workers and employers to apply for an extension of their work permits and employment cards until the end of May.

Labour Minister Ith Samheng said in the announcement that it was the second time the ministry has postponed the deadline.

“Please, hurry up and apply in order to avoid the daily fine of 40,000 riel [about $10],” he said.

“We would like to inform owners or directors of enterprises and establishments and foreigners doing business in Cambodia that the ministry will delay the deadline for them to apply for work permits and employment cards until May 31, 2018”

He added that those who fail to extend their work permit and employment card before the deadline would be fined in accordance with Chapter 16 of the Labour Law.

According to the Labour Ministry, 160,077 foreigners from 93 countries are working in the Kingdom. More than 100,000 are Chinese nationals and the others are Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, South Korean, Indian and British nationals.

In late February, the Interior and Labour ministries said foreign employers and foreign workers had 30 days to apply for their work permit and employment card with the Labour Ministry and if they failed to do so, both ministries would come for inspections.

Sok Phal, head of the Interior Ministry’s Immigration Department, said at the time that foreigners came to work in Cambodia for their own benefit and must obey the laws here.

“If they have still not paid for their work permits, they will face imprisonment from three to six months and then we will deport them,” he said. “All foreigners who come to work in Cambodia must have work permits and paperwork from the Labour Ministry.”

Lieutenant General Por Pheak, director-general of the Interior Ministry’s general secretariat, said late last month the Interior Ministry conducted a census of foreigners in 2017 and found there to be 176,812 people from a total of 46,776 families living in Cambodia.

Of those, 73,397 foreigners from 20,218 families were found to possess irregular documents.

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