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Youths encouraged to become engineers

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
Pich Sophorn, secretary of state with the Ministry of Labour, wants more Khmers to become engineers. MOL

Senior government officials said yesterday that Cambodia needs about 35,000 engineers between 2018 and 2020 to serve in several sectors.

Pich Sophorn, secretary of state at the Labour Ministry and also vice chairman of the Board of Engineers Cambodia, said yesterday at the board’s annual conference that according to a recent study by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the number of engineers in Cambodia is still less than the number needed by the Cambodian labour market.

“We still need about 35,000 more engineers between 2018 and 2020 to work in several sectors such as industrial, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, service, tourism and property,” he said.

Mr Sophorn said the ability and training of Cambodian engineers was improved compared with the past, but there was still a shortage of engineers. He said there were 3,045 engineers registered with the BEC.

“We need more engineers over the next three years, so that’s why we must make our youths love and learn about engineering. We also need to reinforce quality by training them well,” he added.

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday noted the lack of skilled workers in the country as he defended Chinese companies that employed Chinese workers at their construction sites.

Mr Hun Sen said that because Cambodia lacked skilled workers, some companies and foreign investors brought their own technicians and workers to implement their projects.

Mr Sophorn said the BEC was responsible for gathering and managing engineers throughout the country for the purpose of training and continuing to improve their technical capabilities in accordance with current and future technological developments.

“I want to appeal to youths who are outstanding students to think about learning engineering skills because they can change the world by creating new technologies,” he said, adding that Cambodian engineers have the ability to compete with other countries.

Lim Sothav, secretary-general of the BEC, also said there was a dearth of Cambodian engineers. He added that the BEC has the role of encouraging engineers to register with the board for more training to be on par with other engineers in Asean.

He said that more than 3,000 engineers were registered with the BEC out of about 100,000 throughout the country.

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