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Sar Kheng asks police to probe, arrest masterminds

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Weapons confiscated by Thai authority previously. DAP News

Interior Minister Sar Kheng has ordered all authorities to investigate the roots of arms smuggling from Cambodia to other countries, especially Thailand, and arrest the masterminds.

Speaking today during a ceremony to replace the governor in Kratie province, Mr Kheng said that weapon control was not well managed last year and ordered authorities to find ringleaders implicated in smuggling weapons across the border.

“The controlling of weapons and explosives was not handled well in 2017, with smuggling of arms taking place,” he said. “The Thais cracked down on it, but they have not arrested the ringleaders yet.”

Mr Kheng added that a rebellious movement did not exist in Cambodia, but occurred in Southern Thailand almost every day.

An Interior Ministry report said that last year, Cambodian authorities collected 490 rifles handed over by the people, arrested 19 people and seized 32 guns and three bombs.

It said that the authorities cracked down on two cases of weapon smuggling, arrested 10 suspects and confiscated 36 guns, 4,003 bombs and two vehicles.

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