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Chinese will not live in Cambodia, PM says

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:
Prime Minister Hun Sen speak during an inauguration of Chinese-funded University of Kratie in Kratie province. PM's FB

Prime Minister Hun Sen defended Chinese companies that employed Chinese workers at their construction sites, saying that they did so because Cambodia lacked human resources.

Speaking on Wednesday during an inauguration of Chinese-funded University of Kratie in Kratie province, Mr Hun Sen said that because Cambodia lacked skilled workers, some companies and foreign investors brought their technicians and workers to implement their projects.

“Don’t be concerned that Chinese people want to live in Cambodia. They just want to complete their works and bring money to their home country,” Mr. Hun Sen said, adding that if Cambodia could supply enough human resources, the Chinese companies will not bring more workers from their country.

“Chinese will not live in Cambodia,” he said.

He said that Cambodia does not have enough workers to work for Chinese firms in building bridges and high-rise buildings and that was why many Chinese nationals worked at Chinese construction sites.

Mr Hun Sen said that 1.2 million Chinese tourists visited Cambodia and generated revenue and benefit for Cambodia, and many Chinese firms are investing and contributing for the development of Cambodia, especially infrastructure.

The premier said that nowadays the Chinese workers, tourists and investors have come to Cambodia to earn income, work and visit the country and then they will go back to their home.

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