CNRP CPP Intransigence Over NEC Reforms Continues

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PHNOM PENH,  March 14, 2014 (Khmer Times ) – The Cambodia National Rescue Party has sent a letter to the Cambodian People’s Party to seek its confirmation over reform of National Election Committee.
Even though the CNRP’s demand was blamed and criticized by the, CPP senior however official said that they would answer, following a decision made by its top leaders.
“What is the position of the CPP over the reform of National Election Committee (NEC) which shall become a constitutional institution, and its membership shall be approved by two-third majority of the members of National Assembly?” Son Chhay, chairman of CNRP’s working group.
Chhay said there would be no meeting which was scheduled for March 17 if the CPP negatively responses to the letter of CNRP. That means the opposition would suspend its negotiation until the CPP considers its request.
The CPP and CNRP failed to issue joint statement after their meeting on March 10 due to disagreement on mechanism for NEC reform.
The CNRP wanted to redefine the role of the NEC and the appointment of NEC members to be approved by a two-third majority of the members of the National Assembly. But the CPP denied and criticized the demand.
For people to come to their senses, is often very difficult.
On the surface, there is a saying, that is getting old, that the establishment, is willing to “Burn Down the House (Cambodia) to Rid the Mouse (Mr. Hun Sen and  Family)” and that to many rational people, makes no sense.
Many analysts belief that the continued intransigence of the opposition party and to some extend the ruling party, has come to a boiling point.
Of course, to many other analysts, the Cambodian analysts, local and foreign,  and some leaders of the business and economics sector are  not stupid, most of them know, what is going on in Cambodia that it has nothing to do with what is being said in most of the press, local or global.
Some elements of the Cambodian political leadership, especially the CNRP  and their backers, are  just out to grab power, so they can control the economy and the business sector, so they can reap most of the benefits, from Cambodia’s  long-term development.
To the leaders of Cambodia’s economic and business sector, for example, the USD200 million   loss in revenue and earnings over a 15 days period for the garment sector,  a hand full of deaths, countless injuries, a couple of dozens of arrests, a result orchestrated  by the  CNRP and from its affiliated unions  activity, is just an investment, to grab long-term power, for a big cut, in wealth, in the long-term.
“The owners of factories could not export their products accordance with purchasing orders due to the protests,” Van Sou Ieng, head of GMAC  had said.
He also said, “The owners of factories had lost about $70 million after the factory properties were destroyed”.  “Next year, the garment sector will be downed 20 per cent”, he adds.
About 5-7 owners of factories stopped their investment here and transferred their investment to neighboring countries.
According to GMAC’s report, there were 600 garment and footwear factories employed over 650,000 workers. Garment sector is one of key exports of the country while last year the kingdom earned revenue of over $5 billion.
For example, and here we go again, such as PM Hun Sen and his family/cronies  are being accused of corruption. Many locally and globally, know it is an “Attempted Coup Propagated by the US and its allies and confirmed by Kem Sokha in his speech in Australia early March)” and not really  about corruption or perceived dictatorship.
What if Mr. Hun Sen  is actually corrupt, or what some press point out, it is actually failing at accelerating reforms, reign in corruption, having too many military promotions,  and being watch on Cambodia losing approximately USD300 million in FDI in 2013 when compared to the USD1.5 billion in 2015.
The current political scenario has been played out twice before, 1998 and 2008. Opposition leaders are well aware that despite the allegations of fraud and cheating in the 2013 elections, are similar to that in 1998, 2003, and 2008 but yet each time, they gained additional seats to a point they could have been a dynamic vocal force in the legislatures.
However, we are facing daily threats of street protests and anticipated street violence when the CNRP which has a golden opportunity to gain concessions, is more determined on street mentality for regime change. (M.H.Tee)

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