Sam Rainsy Predicts Peaceful Change

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PHNOM PENH: March 11, 2014 (Khmer Times) -The country’s opposition leader reveals he is willing to cooperate with Hun Sen in building a new Cambodia.
Rainsy, on the question of joint development for Preah Vihear with Thailand said that he would give it a positive thought based on national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
“There is not only the case of Preah Vihear, but other potential issues like overlapping economic zones, where there are offshore oil and gas deposits. So there are many possible formulas to work together for common prosperity.
On the part from Vietnam and Thailand, major powers like China the US, Russia who also played roles in and whether Rainsy was happy with that, he replied: “We have to be friends with everybody, including Vietnam and Thailand, according to the vision I’ve just developed. 
“So Cambodia must be neutral in order to remain independent, in order to contribute to peace in this region. I look forward to going to Vietnam, to Thailand, to receiving leaders from neighbouring countries, to work in the spirit of this basis, so that we all can become friends and work peacefully for common prosperity.”
Rainsy again reiterated his stance that hidden hands were in play in Thailand and Cambodia to destabilize both nations.
When asked whether Rainsy was suggesting that a foreign country is trying to destabilize Thailand, he replied that in Cambodia also, they are trying to destabilize Cambodia.
When asked whether it was the same country, he replied that when a (foreign) country has ambitions on a neighboring country, they will want to destabilize the target country to make it weaker. Then they can control that country easily.
Rainsy added: “we are starting to negotiate reform of the election system. We are negotiating to set up a new electoral commission which would be more independent than the existing one, and we are looking at Thailand as a model for the process of selecting or forming an independent and respected electoral commission, so we have to learn from you. 
Also, you have a very strong civil society, respected journalists, judges, lawyers who speak their mind. This is excellent; in Cambodia we have very little.”
However, no mention was made on the hidden hands involved in destabilizing Cambodia.

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