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PHNOM PENH: March 11, 2014 (Khmer Times) — The International Labor Organization said it would launch on Wednesday two reports outlining ways to improve the investment climate in Cambodia.
In a statement, the ILO said the reports were the   product of a partnership with the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (Camfeba).
“The reports provide insights into the current situation in Cambodia and provide evidence-based and practical recommendations on how to improve the business-enabling environment,” it said
The first report, by the ILO, analyses Cambodia’s performance in 17 areas and contains a national survey of workers and employers. Key areas include social dialogue, education and training, legal and regulatory reform, governance, trade, and integration.
The second report, by Camfeba, focuses on policy recommendations in the areas of workplace relations, skills, governance, and the legal and regulatory environment, the ILO statement said.
Earlier last week, Camfeba president, Mr Van Souieng said that while much of the news focusing on Cambodia in recent months has been negative, there is much to be positive about. 
“Our combination of competitive wages, good labor conditions, and sound legal structures have fostered Cambodian businesses and attracted international investment. 
Opportunities for further prosperity lie in our favorable demographics, 32 per cent of the Cambodian population is under 15 years of age, and 300,000 to 400,000 young people enter the labour market each year, FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT, and our location in the heart of one the fastest growing regions in the world.  
He also said that the industry faced serious challenges and conceded that deep administrative reforms, fighting corruption and an increased focus on education would be crucial to the country’s economic progress.
Business certainly agrees with those sentiments and that Camfeba has tried to focus onsolutions rather than stating the obvious and where possible come up with innovative business led solutions.

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