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Chinese hospital ready to treat Cambodians

Khmer Times Staff / Khmer Times Share:
A Shulan Hospital official speaks to journalists about the facility. Khmer Times Staff

The Shulan Hangzhou Hospital, which has spearheaded China’s research into early detection, prevention and treatment of liver diseases, has performed over 330 liver transplants since it was inaugurated in 2015 and is opening its doors to Cambodian patients.

Dr Zheng Shusen, the founder of Shulan Health, said that in China 10 percent of the population has liver diseases, a major concern for healthcare authorities.

“Although lung diseases are the number-one killer in China, the prevalence Hepatitis B patients in China is a cause for concern as this is a communicable disease which could escalate quickly into Hepatitis C or worse,” he said.

“We welcome patients from Cambodia as well as doctors who want to specialise in treating liver diseases to visit our hospital either for treatment or to gain knowledge, technical and surgical expertise on how to treat patients with liver diseases.”

Dr Shusen said that together with his partner Dr Li Laanjuan, the hospital has made comprehensive breakthroughs in the molecular structure and origin of viruses, and stands ready to help treat Cambodian patients.

He said Shulan hospital has created a hospital in the cloud which can collect patient information from communities and other hospitals via the internet and share information with other hospitals to have a quick exchange of information for disease detection, prevention and treatment.

A smart diagnosis system also helps doctors prescribe medications, he added, noting that in addition to paying for bills online, patients can also establish their medical profile through facial recognition on WeChat.

“Chronic Hepatitis B is a common chronic liver disease in mainland China, and its adverse prognosis might impair the patients’ health-related quality of life,” he said.

In Cambodia, the true burden of viral hepatitis has not been revealed, but many surveys were carried out focusing on specific populations on small scales, he said.

A joint research paper, Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases in Cambodia, said viral Hepatitis B and C in Cambodia are very prevalent according to the World Health Organisation.

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