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More than 100 Chinese arrested over VoIP scam

Buth Reaksmey Kongkea / Khmer Times Share:
Chinese nationals held over the VoIP scam. Immigration Police

Immigration police yesterday raided two rental homes in Phnom Penh and arrested 121 Chinese nationals in connection with online gambling and Voice over Internet Protocol scams.

Lieutenant General Uk Haiseila, head of investigations at the General Department of Immigration, said that 121 Chinese suspects, including 19 women, were operating illegal online gambling and extorting money from the people in China via the use of VoIP in Cambodia.

Lt Gen Heiseila said that the Chinese were arrested at about 5.30pm yesterday in two rental homes in Sen Sok and Tuol Kork districts after police received reports from the Chinese Interpol.

He said that according to a report by Chinese Interpol, the suspects posed as Chinese police, judges, prosecutors or bankers in China and made phone calls to extort money from people in China.

“They are the group of Chinese mafias who have been hiding in Cambodia,” Lt Gen Haiseila said “They were arrested after our police raided their rental villas in Phnom Penh in collaboration with the Chinese police.”

He said that police seized VoIP telephones, mobile phones and other related materials. They are temporarily detained for questioning at the Immigration Department and face deportation to their country this week.

According to Chinese Interpol, the Chinese police will send a plane from China to pick up them in Phnom Penh to face justice in China, Lt Gen Haiseila said.

Officials at the Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh could not be reached for comment.

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