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Foreign Minister Urges North Korean Restraint in Peninsula

Ban Sokrith / Khmer Time Share:
Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong (R) and North Korean Ambassador to Cambodia Hong Ki Choi met yesterday at the Foreign Ministry. KT/Ban Sokrith

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong  urged North Korea to have bilateral meetings with the South to help resolve tensions on the Korean Peninsula in a meeting with North Korean Ambassador Hong Ki Choi at the Cambodian Foreign Ministry yesterday.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Chum Sounry told the media that Mr. Namhong has continued to encourage the hermetic nation’s patience in regard to its nuclear weapons tests, which have caused global tensions along with a slew of new sanctions against them.
“Cambodia wants to see the Korean Peninsula have peace and security, and building trust between North and South Korea is an important step in building a good, trustworthy, relationship as both countries were known as sibling with each other,” he said.
Amb. Ki Choi did not respond to the foreign minister’s statement, only mentioning his concern for North Korea’s security.
Mr. Sounry added that in the meeting, they also discussed the potential for the North Korean assembly president to visit Cambodia and for Prime Minister Hun Sen to do visit Pyongyang.
Cambodia has maintained a relatively cooperative relationship with North Korea, with both having respective embassies in each other’s capitals. The visit comes on the heels of new economic sanctions on North Korean leaders after multiple missile tests last month and a 15-year prison sentence given to an American student who was on holiday in Pyongyang.

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