Sokha Faces Another ‘Sex Scandal’

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Opposition leader Kem Sokha greets supporters at a rally in Chuk district, Kampot province on Monday. Supplied

Opposition leader Kem Sokha is experiencing sex scandal deja vu after audio clips were leaked purporting to feature him conversing with a young woman named Mon Srey. In a Facebook post detailing her alleged affair with the political leader, Ms. Srey said the pair had several liaisons, until Mr. Sokha’s “irresponsibility” prompted her to break up with him.
It is not the first time Mr. Sokha has been accused of sexual impropriety: before the national election in 2013, he was accused of having a 16-year affair with another woman.
Four audio clips – featuring a voice sounding like Mr. Sokha’s – as well as transcripts and separate photos of Mr. Sokha and a young woman were posted on a Facebook user account under the name “Mon Srey.” In a post on the page, Ms. Srey detailed her affair with the political leader.
“I really regret that I had relations with Kem Sokha, vice president of the CNRP,” she wrote, referring to the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party. “By believing in his comfort… I agreed to love him,” she wrote.    
“Almost every day, Kem Sokha always called me and he told me that he loved me very much,” she added. The romance allegedly ended because Ms. Srey felt that Mr. Sokha was “irresponsible and insincere.”
“One day, he called me and I told him that I felt unwell and he suspected I was pregnant,” she said. “He just said that it was a joke and he asked me to find ways to protect myself from pregnancy. I felt hopeless when I heard that because he has no responsibility at all.”
CNRP spokesman Yem Ponhearith said that neither Mr. Sokha nor any other party officials are paying attention to the accusations, and do not plan to file a complaint against Ms. Srey.
“The party will not spend time worrying about this, since it has happened over and over,” said Mr. Ponhearith. “We don’t care about it so we will not sue anyone. What’s important right now is for our party to function. Kem Sokha and CNRP officials are busy…promoting the party, the party congress, and CNRP TV.”
Ou Virak, director of the Future Forum, said he did not believe that such allegations would damage Mr. Sokha. “Cambodian people will not believe the story, and it’s a normal thing because he was accused similarly before,” he said. “I think the ruling party dares not to fake the voice and do such a thing.”
“I think the CNRP and Kem Sokha should ignore the allegations. Sooner or later they will vanish.”

A photo of Ms. Srey on a Facebook account in her name. Facebook

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