ACU Probes High-ranking Corruption Case, Warn Official

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The director of the Anti-Terrorism Police Department has been warned by the Anti-Corruption Unit following the lodging of a corruption complaint against him, according to officials at the ACU. Y Sok Khy has allegedly been illegally collecting so-called ‘voluntary funds’ from his subordinates on a monthly basis for nearly two years. 
According to a summons letter released yesterday from Teng Savong, captain of the ACU at the Interior Ministry, the salary of police officials in Mr. Khy’s unit was cut from April to September 2013 in a temporary “Banan district-wide cost-saving strategy.” The strategy was implemented by Mr. Khy’s predecessor and suspended that October. 
In May 2014, Mr. Khy implemented a new policy in two Svay Rieng communes to collect funds on a tiered basis from officials, to be implemented in May 2014, and suspended the next year in March.
Om Yentieng, President of the ACU, told Khmer Times yesterday that the policy Mr. Khy implemented is an antiquated one which has been condemned by the Anti-Corruption law as unacceptable. 
“He, [Sok Khy] who was newly replacing a former department director, was not aware of this disallowed policy. The case was reported to the ACU and then we summoned him for clarification. He was then warned to stop his actions and avoid doing so in the future for his own benefit,” Mr. Yentieng said. 
He added that Mr. Khy acquiesced in light of the complaint, and said that some lower officials in his unit were in support of the policy while others disagreed with it. 
The amounts collected per month, per position were as follows: Deputy Directors paid $25, Office chiefs paid $20, Deputy Office Chiefs paid $12.50, Unit Chiefs paid $10, Deputy Unit Chiefs paid $7.50 and officials paid $1.25.
Mr. Khy declined to comment further, deferring to the head of the Interior Ministry. 
“I have responded to the accusations already, I will follow any decision made by the Head of Interior Ministry,” he said.
As a result of the investigation, the Interior Minister has warned Mr. Khy and insisted he promise not to commit such an act again.

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