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Gov to Give Drivers Licenses to People with Disabilities

Tin Sokhavuth / Khmer Times Share:

Em Chan Makara, president of the Disability Action Council (DAC), told reporters that his group will issue drivers licenses for people with disabilities in conjunction with the government.  The council will also discuss appropriate vehicles for disabled people with other stakeholders.

Mr. Chan Makara said giving drivers licenses to people with disabilities is very easy. But the problem is the kind of vehicle suitable and safe for people with disabilities.

Ngin Saorath, president of the Cambodian Disabled People’s Organization (CDPO), a local NGO dealing with people with disabilities’ rights, told Khmer Times that it was good news to hear that the government will finally give drivers licenses to people with disabilities.

“But we, people with disabilities, would like to see the government do something real, not just talk and have nothing happen,” said Mr. Saorath.

Mr. Saorath added that it will be easy to find appropriate vehicles for the disabled, as many countries around the world have built vehicles for people with a variety of ailments. 

“So what we need is to ask those countries to share their experience with us, that’s it,” he said. 

“However, the CDPO could work with the DAC to gather all the information needed in order to speed up the process to let people with disabilities obtain drivers licenses as soon as possible,” said Mr. Saorath.

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