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Commune Police Chief ‘Lucky’ to Avoid Decapitation

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:

Police in Prey Veng province are still searching for one suspect for attempted murder after two commune police were attacked while on patrol on Wednesday night, Kach Chriech district police chief Say Chantha said yesterday.

Mr. Chantha said one of the attackers tried to decapitate a commune police chief who was driving a motorbike at the time. 

Two commune police officers were patrolling a village in the district’s Kach Chriech commune when they were attacked at about 9:30 pm Wednesday by two men police described as drug dealers.

Mr. Chantha said commune police chief Pun Samoun was driving the bike and a junior officer was riding behind him. They were attacked when they entered a section of road that ran between thick bushes, he said. The suspects leapt out of the bushes and one of them started attacking the officers with a meter-long sword, Mr. Chantha said.

He said the man tried to decapitate Mr. Samoun, but missed because the commune police chief tipped over this motorbike and fell to the ground to avoid the sword being swung at him. Mr. Samoun was also quick to jump to his feet and fired a warning shot into the ground to scare off the attackers, he said yesterday. 

“I am lucky that he was unable to chop my head off,” Mr. Samoun said, explaining that he did not see the attackers until the officer on the back of his bike began shouting. “He kept swinging the sword at us so I fired a warning shot to make him stop,” Mr. Samoun said, referring to the younger of the two suspects.

The two men – Vannak Piseth, 27, and Phorn Nysar, 22 – were under investigation at the time of the attack. Both were known to be addicts and evidence was being gathered that the suspects were selling narcotics, police said.

Mr. Chantha said that the suspects attacked the commune police officers because they were constantly following them and hindering their business. “They tried to kill the commune police chief out of revenge because he interfered in their drug using and dealing,” he said.
After the incident, district police were called in to arrest the suspects. They surrounded the home of Mr. Piseth from 10 pm until 8 am before arresting him, but Mr. Nysar remains at large. Police said he was the one who attempted to decapitate the commune police chief. 

Mr. Samoun said he had previously arrested the two men on drug-related charges and had tried to educate them to stop using drugs before releasing them. 

“I tried to get them to stop using drugs, but this only made them very angry with me,” the officer said. 

Mr. Chantha said he was preparing documents for provincial police to continue the investigation and the search for Mr. Nysar.

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