Melodies of Change: Meet Experienced Composers and Singers

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The top four finalists to compete in Melodies of Change.Norphea

With a vision to promote self-written melodies and song lyrics for the betterment of the Cambodian music industry, the Melodies of Change workshop this weekend offers a platform for original songwriters to emerge.

The top four finalists from pre-event ‘Dream of Songsters’ are going to the final round on November 8 in Melodies of Change at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center (CKCC) to compete with their own original songs. 

Supporting original composers and singers, Melodies of Change is a song competition and also a charity concert supporting kids at PSE (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant) with their profits. 

After seeing how many original Khmer songs are not being heard by the public, Peou Puthika, a project leader of Melodies of Change, was inspired to initiate this event in the hope of raising the voice of Khmer artists, encouraging them not to give up their dream and urging them to compose more original songs.  

“Unlike any other charity concerts, this event encourages youths to learn to compose original songs and gives their support to our talented artists,” said Ms. Puthika. “Supports from them [audiences] are the big motivation for our Khmer artists to keep composing more original songs.”

Runpha Noroneath, a guest speaker at the event, said, “This event is different from any other concerts I’ve joined. It is both charity concert and workshop, so audiences are able to enjoy the shows, learn about music knowledge, and contribute to society at the same time.” 

Mr. Leon believes that the music industry in Cambodia is not booming yet, and some production companies still copy melodies from foreign countries. “Composing original songs does cost a lot of money, yet it doesn’t gain much support from local fans.”

According to Mr. Leon, the top four groups of contestants are talented in singing and composing their original songs. The theme of the competition is ‘Dream’, and each team must write and produce a song about it. 

Melodies of Change is also a workshop containing presentations from guest speakers about songwriting and composing techniques. They also hope to encourage talented youths, especially those who have passion in music and want to be a part of the music industry. 

Not only can audiences enjoy performances from the final contestants, but they can also learn from workshops, like one led by Jimmy Kiss called ‘How to be a successful performer’ followed by another guest speaker, Leon Terres, on ‘How to deal with the three barriers that restrain people from doing music’.

Moreover, there will be interview sessions and panel discussions with Riem Sokphirum, Koa Punleur, Chet Kanhchna, and Emo Composer on the issues around music plagiarism and challenges in their music industry journey.

With every Melodies of Change ticket purchase, a person can get free refreshments and a $5 voucher for Maio Mall, an online shop.  If you buy a package of tickets and t-shirts ($5), you will get a wristband for free. Moreover, for every purchase of 5 tickets, you will get one more ticket for free.

Youths volunteer at the Melodies of Change ticket booth.

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