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The AUPP Story

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American University of Phnom Penh (AUPP) is a private, non-profit by philosophy and mission, English language higher education institution. AUPP offers a rigorous education grounded in the culture of Cambodia and Asia. It is the only university in Cambodia to offer US accredited dual degree programs. In partnership with its US partner universities, the University of Arizona and Fort Hays State University, students are offered the opportunity to earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees provided by US professors in Cambodia.

AUPP welcomed its first class in August 2013, and in consultation with several US universities, has shown dynamic growth and development in creating excellent academic programs and a wide range of student opportunities with regional and international internships, community services and non-curricular cultural experiences. Through the efforts of our teaching faculty, students and staff, AUPP is realising its vision, mission and core values to provide a centre of academic excellence for Cambodia. As one of the most prestigious universities in Cambodia, the university follows a high quality American curriculum that focusses on student development so that each of the AUPP graduates has the requisite technical skills and leadership qualities to be in demand in the global workforce.

Administration and faculty

AUPP aims to contribute to the human resource deve- lopment of Cambodia. It is grounded on the principles of having a highly qualified senior management with expert administrative skills and experience in academic affairs; and a faculty with terminal degrees from US and other international educational institutions.

Ninety percent of our faculties hold Ph.D.’s from American and other international schools with university-level teaching experience. The faculty members have been trained in interactive and collaborative pedagogy that engage students in their own learning, thus making learning more useful and meaningful to the students.

What is an American-style university?

American universities vary widely in their mission programs offered, the number and kinds of students they serve, the way classes are scheduled and other considerations. However, they have some things in common which categorise them as offering an American-style education:

  • There is a core of basic skills and liberal studies courses, often called “General Education”, that are required for all students, regardless of a student’s major.
  • Both ‘soft skills’ (thinking critically, learning about and practicing leadership skills, speaking and writing well, becoming a good team player, analyzing situations, learning to work with cultural diversity) and technical skills related to one’s major are emphasised.
  • The teaching-learning environment focuses on discussion, questioning ideas, critical thinking and understanding of issues rather than memorisation of facts.
  • Co-curricular activities are considered an important part of student development.
  • Students learn to take responsibility on their own accord.

The American educational system focuses on student-centered learning. Students are encouraged to be active, engaged and responsible for their own learning. An American university is usually based on a semester schedule, a first semester and a second semester, and in some cases, a summer session in a year. Semesters are usually 15 weeks, followed by a week of final examinations. American universities typically have Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

General education/liberal studies:

The General Education courses are integrated with the student’s major course of study over four years. Usually students take two years to complete their General Education program before taking their preferred course of study.

Dual degree programs

The dual degree programs offered at the American University of Phnom Penh are US accredited collegiate programs where students discover learning experiences with American faculty from the University of Arizona, Fort Hays State University and the American University of Phnom Penh. Upon graduation, the stu-dents can obtain two degrees at the same time.The students obtain an internationally recognised American degree from the University of Arizona (UA) or Fort Hays State University (FHSU) as well as from AUPP.

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