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12,000 marijuana plants destroyed in Takeo

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Many villagers in Takeo grow marijuana as a cash crop. Supplied.

Police in Takeo province destroyed more than 12,000 marijuana plants yesterday, but failed to make any arrests during the crackdown in Kirivong district.

Yang Dara, deputy police chief of Kirivong district, said district and commune police joined forces to destroy 12,813 plants in 43 separate locations scattered in the mountains.

“We hit 43 places, which harboured 12,813 plants and destroyed them by burning them,” he said. “But we did not arrest anyone because we do not know who planted the drugs.”

Mr Dara added that the recent raids may seem significant, but are only a small dent in the massive marijuana production industry in the province. This year, 134,882 plants have been destroyed already, he explained.

“It is a kind of illegal plant but the villagers still plant it,” he said. “They plant them on the mountain and that’s why it is difficult to find the perpetrators. We have educated villagers often, but they still plant them.”

“Villagers believe brokers that they will be paid a high price for the crop,” he added. “They know that it is a kind of illegal plant but they need money; that’s why they still plant it.”

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