Elephant starved by owner dies

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The starved elephant that was found unconscious. E-Post

An elephant died in Mondulkiri province’s Sen Monorom city yesterday after its owner did not feed him for nearly a month as punishment for rampaging through a village.

Khun Diyon, director of a local elephant conservation organisation, said the elephant, named Beong Kok, lived with his owner in Sen Monorom city’s Putang village.

Mr Diyon said that last month, the elephant rampaged through the village, causing damage but no injuries or deaths.

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He added that the 35-year-old elephant was shot with a tranquillizer gun to end the rampage, after which its owner kept it at home without food as punishment.

“Weakened by starvation, the elephant had no strength to rise and stand on its own despite making several attempts to rise up,” said Mr Diyon. “The elephant died late in the evening after he fainted in the morning, following many days of fainting.”

“Expert officials could not save him because this elephant had no power and no food to eat. We are sorry to lose the elephant,” he added.

Mr Diyon said the owner thought not feeding the elephant would weaken it and stop its rampaging ways.

“Generally, the owner keeps his elephant in chains in one place. But the owner must still give it food,” he said.

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Keo Sopheak, director of the provincial environment department, said he would lead an investigation into the case.

“We will investigate why this elephant died,” he said.

In January, a wild elephant was found dead after it fell into a pit in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri province. An investigation found it was killed from termite bites.

The population of elephants has been on the decline with about 250 to 500 in Cambodia, and less than 115 in Keo Seima.

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  1. Are there laws against such cruelty and the main abuse of starving the elephant? This seems to be an extremely brutal form of abuse. Are his neighbors saddened? did the owner show any sadness at the death or instead satisfaction that his punishment was strong enough to cause death? Is this terrible thing true?

  2. The elephant died because his owner was a stupid, cruel, ignorant cunt that should be starved to death himself. Of course in your shit hole of a country there will be no consequences for this barbarity.

    1. So very sad these people are still acting as cave men. I hope he is never allowed another elephant ever.

  3. If everyone knew he was being starved, why did no-one step in and do something about it??? Starving an animal for a month is barbaric and would have been an awful way to die. Shame on the owner and others for letting this happen.

  4. This man should be severely punished as he did to that elephant. What a disgusting human being.

  5. These bastards need to be stopped and put to death for abusing theses babies in the most horrific way!!! Punishment by death for them! Let’s save these babies!!

  6. This is pure horror and evil!! Isn’t there a way to rescue these beautiful babies that are so precious??!! I’ll do anything!! These bastards who do this to them have to suffer the most painful death possible!!!

  7. That’s why animals belong in the wild not with Evil Subhumans .. so deplorable, unacceptable ????

  8. To Sen David: As I say to as many people as possible, please stop referring to any animal as “it.” You know he is a male, you use the male reference several times, yet you also often say “it.” People thinking of every nonhumans as an “it” is at the heart of all wildlife suffering. Even if you don’t know the gender, just pick one. It really doesn’t matter if you get it wrong. An incorrect “he” or “she” is always better than “it.”

  9. This man should be changed with the crime of animal cruelty and and for murdering another living being.He should go to prison.There should be laws protecting animal lives and that demand humane treatment for all animals.

  10. Starve the owner the complete abd utter evil ignorant bastard. Better still hang him.
    Bet he walks off with no fine having killed a beautiful piece of Gods Nature. How dare he.

    1. Starve this piece of shit “thing” (not a man) chain his leg & torture this piece of shit, until he passes out several times until he dies!! Let ALL his family & neighbors watch just like they ALL did while this elephant starved to death!

      How about Anyone with Any authority over there educate Neighbors OR better yet Tell them THEY also will be tortured starved OR fined IF they Do Not Tell Someone whats happening!!!
      Elephants have empathy…. Too bad these Vial disgusting “things” Apparently Have None