Second train accident on new Poipet line

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The pick-up truck after a collision with a train. DAP News

A driver was injured after his pick-up truck was hit by a train on Saturday morning, marking the second accident since the launch of the new Poipet to Serey Sophon train line two weeks ago.

The deputy chief of Poipet city police said the accident was caused due to the driver’s lack of attention and reckless driving.

The victim was brought to a private clinic by his relatives after suffering minor injuries during the collision, the chief added.

“He’s been brought to a private clinic by his relatives. He was disoriented and could not remember things well,” the officer said.

He said the family of the driver took responsibility for the damages and will not file a lawsuit against the rail company.

“Reckless driving caused the accident because the driver didn’t look left and right when he was at the crossroads,” the chief added. “The train hit the truck and dragged it about 50 metres until it came to a halt.”

Police blame the accident on careless driving. DAP News

“It was carrying passengers and the condition of the train is intact,” he added.

San Seanho, Poipet city governor, said despite all the information about the new train and safety precautions drivers must take, people are still driving carelessly.

“We broadcast information about the train on radio and television and it’s been done consistently since the launch and we requested railway officials to install barriers or deploy manpower to help with crossing the track,” he said. “People must pay better attention.”

“I wonder why the truck driver still drove through. It means he lacked care,” he added.

John Guiry, CEO of the Royal Railway, said that the truck driver should have been more careful because the train had the right of way.

“The train has the right of way and the train driver was blowing the whistle,” he said. “The car in the front stopped. The car coming from the opposite way stopped. The truck decided to overtake the car and got hit by the train.”

This is the second time an accident happened on the Poipet line. Another accident happened earlier this month, when no one was injured.

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