American citizen lambasts US Embassy in Phnom Penh and opposition

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Gary Fultheim greetings Prime Minister Hun Sen. Gary Fultheim/FB

An American citizen based in Long Beach, California today lashed out at the seemingly hypocritical move by the United States embassy in Phnom Penh over its silence on the termination of 32 staffers for involvement in pornography.

Gary Fultheim, who owns the UCC Plaza in Long Beach and a long time Cambodia fan and advocate for non interference in Cambodia’s political affairs  said that the current US Ambassador is a democrat appointed diplomatic servant complete with a list of democrat friendly staff.

“It is tragic that the United States government is continuously taking pot shots at Cambodia on issues of democracy, human rights, child trafficking etc, but here, the embassy personnel, some 32 of them were terminated immediately over alleged sharing of pornographic material in a non-official chat group.

“We do not comment on internal personnel matters,” the U.S. State Department official wrote in an email to a media agency.”

Mr. Fultheim said that this is where the hypocrisy is at its maximum. On issues which affect the embassy’s code of conduct directly, they chose to remain mum but when it comes to criticizing Cambodia and its leaders, especially Prime Minister Hun Sen, they don’t seem to lose their tongues and issue overly critical comments, some of which are unbecoming of language used by diplomats.”

Mr.  Fultheim reiterated that the USA was trading punches with Cambodia when the USA itself should cleanse itself first and in the process, drain the swamp that extends out of Washington D.C to all over the world.

Cambodia, he added, is an independent nation and the USA has no right to tell the nation which direction to take.

“This is comical. The opposition in Cambodia, now defunct, often talk to US senators and congressmen like Alan Lowenthal and Dana Rohrabacher about child trafficking and related social issues  in Cambodia whilst the US Embassy staff themselves were allegedly shooting pornographic material, some involving children and sharing it among a 32 member group.

“I dread to think how wide the scandal really is and is a black spot on the US diplomatic services anywhere in the world. How long was this really going on? Who were those involved and when was this discovered? ”

He added that the rot in the diplomatic services started during the Obama era when the democrats were in power and their staff were mostly democrats or were pro democrats.

Mr. Fultheim questioned as to how the United States could help to create a sinkhole and turn the whole world into a giant sinkhole at that and alleged that what the democrats and the now defunct CNRP will never tell anyone is that Mr. Hun Sen and several thousand CPP members fought to free the country from the Khmer Rouge.

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