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Villagers shocked by tiger in their midst

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:

Villagers were in a state of shock after a tiger was reported to have attempted to maul a teenage boy at a cashew nut plantation in the forest of Roleap village in Pursat province yesterday morning.

Roleap commune police chief Un Ho said the villagers reported the tiger before, and this time it almost attacked a villager.

“I went to the area, but we did not see anything. I just came back. I believe it to be true,” he said. “When we showed them the sample picture of the big cat, they confirmed it was like the picture they saw.”

“Two of them saw the tiger. One was a grandma and her grandson. People saw the tiger before in this forest as they came from Phnom Troap Mountain. The grandma said it was a tiger, but the grandson did not believe, so he walked closer, and then the tiger roared and chased him before almost biting him,” he added. “The villagers were all shocked about the tiger.”

Deputy village chief Sen Sa E said the villagers heard the roar of the tiger often.

“The villagers who picked cashew nuts saw the tiger. They saw it two or three times before, but did not say anything about it because they do not want children looking for it,” he said.

Ibra Him said the tiger almost attacked his nephew, El Khorey, 16. “Four or five of us were picking cashew nuts and my mother and my nephew saw the tiger and it almost bit my nephew. Though I did not see it attack my nephew, we all heard the tiger roar,” he said.

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