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Xi Jinping addresses world leaders

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Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday addressed world leaders during the annual Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) to discuss cooperation and peaceful regional development in response to global challenges.

During the opening ceremony Mr Xi warned leaders that despite the progress mankind has made, people of the world still face instability and uncertainty.

“A new round of technological and industrial revolution brings fresh opportunities but [with that] also come unprecedented challenges. In some countries and regions, people are still dealing with war and conflict.”

“Climate change and many diseases remain a formidable challenge. Openness versus isolation and progress versus retrogression, humanity has a major choice to make.”

Mr Xi argued that leaders around the world must work together towards building a community with a shared future for all.

“Only peaceful development and cooperation can truly bring win-win results. We live at a time with an overwhelming trend towards openness and connectivity. Human history shows that openness leads to profess while seclusion leaves one behind.”

He also said with the future in mind, humankind need to respect and treasure the planet.

“We need to promote mutual learning among civilisations as it will help us build bridges of friendship, drive social progress and safeguard peace for the region and beyond,” he said.

He said countries around the world should uphold the principles of a peaceful system by respecting a country’s choice to government the state.

“Respect each other’s core interest and major concerns and follow a new approach to state to state relations catering dialogue rather than confrontations and partnership instead of alliance,” Mr Xi said.

“With the future in mind, we need to promote dialogue and share responsibility and we should have a common vision of comprehension, cooperation and sustainable security and affirm to uphold the international order such as the principles of the UN charter.”

More than 2,000 participants from across Asia and the world are attending the conference, which is being held from April 8 to today under the theme “An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity” in China’s Hainan province.

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