Measures enacted to control foreigners living in Sihanoukville

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Provincial Governor Yun Min said that police can handle criminals. Fresh News

The Preah Sihanouk provincial governor said yesterday that provincial authorities and the police have issued strict measures to control foreigners, including the recent influx of Chinese, to protect the security of the province.

Provincial Governor Yun Min told local media before leaving the country for China’s Hainan province that provincial authorities and security forces had issued strict measures to control the presence of foreigners living in Sihanoukville.

He added that authorities used the law to control them, while the presence of foreign investors and Chinese business people helped promote the economy and create jobs for people in the province.

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“It’s not only the Chinese, but Americans and French. If more come, it will bring more money but also more problems. Importantly, we have to learn what the benefits are to our society,” Mr Min said.

“Any foreigner who makes a serious mistake, we will punish them accordingly. We will educate those who can be educated. So, the statement saying that with more Chinese coming, the province will have more problems, I think it’s not a big issue.”

Chuon Narin, police chief of Preah Sihanouk province, also said that police have paid high attention and issued many measures to protect the security and safety of citizens and investors, both Cambodians and foreigners, without discrimination.

He added that authorities have put forces in many locations, especially tourist areas, and updated a census of foreigners living in the province, of which there are about 60 nationalities.

“We have issued strict measures. We are currently working to make sure that all foreigners living in Preah Sihanouk province, whether for a short time or a long time, have the right documents,” he said.

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In late February, Immigration Department director Sok Phal said there was nothing to worry about regarding the presence of Chinese in Preah Sihanouk province because they were under the laws of Cambodia.

Xiong Bo, Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, said at a press conference in February that the Chinese government did not allow its people to use Cambodian territory to commit crimes that would damage interests between the two countries.

The Chinese government will continue to cooperate and coordinate with relevant Cambodian institutions to oppose all kinds of illegal activities, handle all relevant issues, protect legitimate interests and maintain the environment for cooperation between the two countries, he added.

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  1. I would rather hear him talk about the absurdly poor infrastructure of Sihanoukville.

    Roads are bad. I know the roads in OPs are being upgraded, what about the one from next to NASA hotel to CIMB bank?

    I don’t see no drains in the city. Where does swerage discharge go to? Straight into the sea? The water at the beaches from Victory Beach all the way to Ocheuteal is the seriously polluted.

    Have preventive measures been enforced on Koh Rong n Samloem?

    There is constant brown out. Why allow new businesses to operate at the expense of existing businesses when there is still not enough power supply?

    Then, has the water supply situation resolved or still subject to rationing comes the dry season?

  2. What a really great holiday place Sihanoukville was up to 5 years ago, now utterly ruined in every possible way and then you let the damm Chinese in!

    Such a tragedy!