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Street lights improve safety on major road

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Lights have been installed on Hun Sen Blvd. Propertyarea.asia

Phnom Penh City Hall has installed nearly 500 street lights along Hun Sen Boulevard in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey district after residents complained that the street was dark and unsafe to travel on at night.

The boulevard, also called 60-metre road because it is 60 metres wide, was officially inaugurated in 2017. Residents claimed the road was unsafe and had traffic accidents because there were was no lighting at night.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng yesterday came to launch the operation of the 500 new street lights.

He said City Hall designed the street lights to beautify the street and reduce traffic accidents and other crimes that happened along the roadway.

“Before, residents complained that this road was very unsafe at night. Now, the Phnom Penh municipality has tried to solve this problem before Khmer New Year,” he said.

According to City Hall’s 2035 master plan, the construction of the road was aimed at improving the living conditions of the people as Phnom Penh continues to expand and develop.

The road, which is 9.1 kilometres long, cost $76 million and took six years to construct, is part of the satellite city development known as ING City.

Chan Roth, who always travels on the road, said some people used the road during the day but were too scared to use it at night.

“The road is big and there are no traffic jams but there are no lights at night. We are scared of traffic accidents and getting our motorbike stolen,” he said. Sam Piseth, director of the municipal public works and transport department, said the department would install more street lights on other streets that do not have them.

“The people can travel along this road easily because now there are street lights,” he said, adding it was the first road considered to be a highway in Phnom Penh to help reduce traffic jams.

“The city is still lacking highways that will reduce traffic jams,” he said. “There are 183 locations in the city that have many traffic jams every day.”

At the road’s inauguration ceremony last year, Prime Minister Hun Sen asked Defence Minister Tea Banh to study whether Phnom Penh’s biggest boulevard could be used for emergency plane landings if necessary.

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