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‘The Upstarts’

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The idea of having a stranger, not to mention many strangers, sleeping in your house, or hitching a ride in the back seat of your car might seem bizarre or even hazardous. However, today Airbnb and Uber are redefining our contemporary definition of such private space. People can now pay to sleep in someone else’s home, or get a ride from someone on their way to work at the click of a button. As this happens, it challenges the traditional business playbook regulated by the government, reshaping our sense of space and revolutionising our way of travelling.

In the age of technology, and in the minds of the many geniuses who invented this contemporary world that would have been unthinkable in the not too distant past, many of our new tech masters, like the late Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, have boasted of their ability to not only redefine how business operates, but also to create a new culture that can tap into the spirit of adventurous, self-aware and confident millennials, the first generation of the 21st century. Youthful, esteemed and sophisticated, these emerging business leaders are at the forefront of a constant revolution, often colliding with existing structures, rules and regulations in the process.

The Upstarts is a showcase of the next generation of lifestyle and business, a renaissance of the modern world, an unexpected stepping stone to the future, where technology takes us to places and lets us do things we never even thought about doing before. Award-winning author Brad Stone gives us an insight into how Uber and Airbnb came into the scene and fought for their existence, building tremendous wealth in the realm of Silicon Valley. The author conducted many interviews with the companies’ founders and the people who were there by their sides as they built them into hugely successful new business models.

This book is riveting and inspiring, and has lit a fire in many readers, allowing them to imagine new things for their own futures; maybe they could become a founder of a major company themselves. It also reveals some of the drawbacks of the new business models, in which technology crashes into traditional rules, and survives these threats.

You could purchase this book for the price of a movie (well, at least in New York). But I can tell you one thing; It is a work that requires patience and an interest in business, because it complex and rather lengthy. Author Brad Stone, written in 2017, published on January 31, 2017

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