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Interior Minister responds to complaints about cameras

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
The traffic cameras are meant to improve safety. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Interior Minister Sar Kheng yesterday responded to complaints about hidden traffic cameras, saying they must be used to fine those breaking the Traffic Law.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony for a stretch of road connecting Ratanak Mondul district to Samlot district in Battambang province, Mr Kheng said authorities would be unable to arrest many offenders of the Traffic Law if it weren’t for the hidden cameras.

“They drive over the speed limit. If there were no hidden cameras, we could not arrest them. We do it for safety only, but people come to complain to authorities. The Traffic Law also mentions about using cameras,” he said.

Mr Kheng added that he also wants to install hidden traffic cameras when the government builds some new roads.

“When we build a road, I want to also do this hidden camera project at the same time to reduce traffic accidents on the road,” he said.

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said that the number of traffic accidents would be reduced if people didn’t speed.

“Don’t drive over the speed limit, wear a helmet and obey the Traffic Law – it will reduce traffic accidents. We don’t want to see our people dead on the road every day,” he said.

Last month, the Transport Ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with the Asia Pacific International Wines and Spirits Alliance, with $100,000 going toward the promotion of a “Drink Don’t Drive” campaign in an effort to reduce traffic accidents in Cambodia.

According to an Interior Ministry report, a total of 1,780 people died and 5,539 people were injured in traffic accidents nationwide in 2017.

There was an increase in deaths and a decrease in injuries compared with 2016, when 1,717 deaths and 6,607 injuries were reported.

“Most traffic accidents were caused by speeding, not respecting people turning, overtaking in dangerous conditions and driving while sleepy or under the influence of alcohol,” the report said.

In 2016, Phnom Penh City Hall installed 600 surveillance cameras throughout the capital in an attempt to enhance safety and monitor traffic.

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