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60 tonnes of counterfeit cosmetics to be destroyed

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Authorities destroy fake cosmetics in an earlier operation. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Interior Ministry’s Counter Counterfeit Committee, and Interior Minister Sar Kheng said yesterday that authorities will soon destroy more than 60 tonnes of counterfeit cosmetics confiscated in recent months.

Keo Hokly, deputy secretary of the Counter Counterfeit Committee, said during a press conference that most of the products consist of cosmetics like shampoo that were seized throughout the country recently.

“We found that most of the products were illegal because there were no names listed, or when the products would expire, and some of those products contain a lot of chemicals,” he said. “If people used those products, it would affect their health.”

Mr Hokly said that even though authorities are cracking down on fake goods, a demand for them still remains.​Loeung Ratha, deputy director-general of Camcontrol, said about 52 tonnes of counterfeit goods were seized along the border with neighbouring countries in 2017, and more than 26 tonnes were seized from markets in Cambodia.

“In just over two months of 2018, we have cracked down on more than four tonnes of counterfeit food products,” he said.

Earlier this month, Mr Kheng warned the public about the use of counterfeit products such as cosmetics and medicine.

“The government created a committee for cracking down on fake products and medicines, so I hope that health departments will continue to enforce the law,” he said during a groundbreaking event at a hospital in Battambang province.

Last year, Mr Kheng drove an excavator to destroy fake products seized in Dangkor district’s Choeung Ek commune. He urged the public to join the fight against counterfeit products after authorities found substandard cosmetic products harmful to consumers.

Mr Kheng said the work of the committee was essential to the well-being of consumers.

“The committee should also crackdown on beverages and medicine as well as cosmetics,” Mr Kheng said.

Mr Kheng then instructed company officials who spot fake products of theirs being hawked to contact the Interior Ministry and warned police not to collude with vendors selling the products.

“Our police officials, don’t collude with bad sellers on fake products,” Mr Kheng said. “If you are caught, you will lose your job.”

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