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Consumer Protection Draft Law Almost Ready

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Officials at the Ministry of Commerce and Council of Ministers announced yesterday that a draft consumer protection law, which is intended to ensure that food and consumer products made domestically or imported into Cambodia are safe, was almost complete.
A quarter of the almost 60 chapters of the draft law have already been approved by the Council of Ministers, said Mao Thora, secretary of state at the Commerce Ministry.
“We have finished correcting about 20 chapters of the draft law and it is nearly finished. Only one or two more discussions on it remain,” Mr. Thora said, refusing to give a timeline for when the draft law was expected to be complete.
“After this law is put into use, it will protect both legal producers and consumers,” he said.
“It will ban fake commercial promotions cheating consumer and it will allow consumers who are affected by using bad products in seeking judicial help against the producers or companies.”
Te Taing Por, president of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia, yesterday welcomed news of the draft law.
“If we have that law, it will help investors in running businesses fairly, and will encourage producers to produce their products ensuring the safety of  consumers,” Mr. Taing Por said, adding that he felt this would reduce unethical and illegal practices that currently sometimes go unchecked.
Similarly, Lim Phara, owner of the Kampong Cham province-based Banana Sugar Handicraft, said that he hopes the law will help eliminate companies producing and importing products without clearly stating where they come from.
Chan Sophal, director of the Center of Policy Studies, said consumers will benefit from the law because suppliers and traders would not be able to cheat the public.
“Cambodia needs this law urgently because there are many unscrupulous suppliers and traders out there,” he said.
The law is one part of a three-pronged effort by lawmakers to attract investors to Cambodia, said Mr. Thora at the Commerce Ministry.
“For investors, they want a few new laws ‒ there is the consumer protection law, the competition law, and the e-commerce law, which investors have asked for in order to help them run businesses smoothly.”

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