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Organic Fertilizers Enter Cambodia

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Manoon Sritaikhum (L), CEO of Thailand-based MSK Fertilizer, and Hong Mong Heng, president of Brightway, at the MoU signing ceremony. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A local wholesale company, Brightway Group Co. Ltd., and leading Thailand-based organic fertilizer manufacturer and distributor, MSK Fertilizer Co. Ltd., signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) yesterday for the entry of non-chemical fertilizers into the Kingdom.
Manoon Sritaikhum, CEO of MSK, said the market demand for organic fertilizers in Cambodia was high due to a lack of supply and his company was willing to fill the gap by cooperating with Brightway.
“We will bring in to Cambodia quality organic fertilizer and this non-chemical compound will help Cambodian farmers get good crop yields and boost their standard of living. It will also help boost the economy of Cambodia,” said Mr. Manoon.
He pointed out that this was the first time MSK was working with Brightway.
Hong Mong Heng, president of Brightway, said his company will initially import about 300 to 500 tons of organic fertilizer a week from MSK.
“This amount will be increased to twice a week, if there is high demand for organic fertilizer in Cambodia,” said Mr. Mong Heng.
He said Brightway would start importing organic fertilizer within two weeks from MSK.
According to Mr. Mong Heng, Brightway has made a capital outlay of between $700,000 and $800,000 to purchase organic fertilizer from Thailand.
“We will first focus on big agricultural companies planting sugarcane and rice,” he said.
Thang Sokkhy, an expert on rice production for Eng Dypo Development Co., Ltd., said Cambodia currently imports more than one million tons of both chemical and non-chemical fertilizer.
“Cambodia does not have the capacity to produce enough non-chemical organic fertilizer and for that reason it has to import it from neighboring countries,” he said.
“Organic fertilizer will help farmers produce a good yield of rice, while maintaining standards and quality. It will also not harm their health and not make the soil toxic,” added Mr. Sokkhy.
Jiranun Wongmongkol, commercial minister counselor of the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh, welcomed the cooperation between MSK and Brightway.
“Thailand can contribute to make Cambodia’s agriculture sector more robust,” she said.

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