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Courtesy of Meta House, Phnom Penh

DJane Sao Sopeak is well-known in the Phnom Penh underground music scene. She’s also a renowned filmmaker, championing the causes of marginalised women. Eileen McCormick caught up with a more relaxed DJane to get her views on fashion and style.

Good Times2: What style do you prefer – that of a DJ or a filmmaker?

DJane: It’s hard because they are both so different. In all honesty when I go to movie premiers people don’t see me as a filmmaker because I love to dress a bit over the top. As a result, I get mistaken as an actress. The thing about clothes is that when I perform as a DJ, I can dress sexier and play with my makeup. It is always fun to add a little extra shimmer to my eyes and lips when I am preforming.

Good Times2: How would you describe your style?

DJane: I don’t want to have what everyone else is wearing. If I could have all my own clothes cut I would. But because I have run into a lot of low quality work in Cambodia I can’t rely on having all my clothes cut for me.

Instead I buy things from around the world – you name it Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Europe, and the United States. My style is international with my own twist – I mean I love my body and I don’t know too many other Cambodians who are as well endowed. I like to show my curves and own them, so I wear tight fitting dresses and always wear heels!

Good Times2: Do you have any go-to-brands?

DJane: When I was younger I liked Gucci but now I find that style is not for me as I have matured. I don’t focus on the brands so much anymore. I’m more focused about how things fit me after having my second child, as I have to be aware of my mommy midsection. I do buy designer and higher end clothes. You know the dress I wore to my wedding party is a vintage designer dress by an Indonesian fashion designer who gets her inspiration from 1960’s era.

Good Times2: Where do you get your inspiration for style?

DJane: I don’t follow anyone on social media because I don’t want to be a copycat. I hate that about Cambodia – people just copy the style from the person next to them and it’s not creative. For me I follow all the fashion weeks that happen around the world – New York and Paris being some of my favourites to follow. I get my style inspiration from them.

Good Times2: When you shop, how do you get your signature look?

DJane: Whatever I buy must fit me – that’s number one. Number two, I buy everything as a package deal. I mean if you’re going to cook dinner, you just don’t buy the meat and forget the spices at the store, right? What I mean by this is if I am buying a dress, I also buy a new pair of shoes to go with that dress, the right jewelry and if need be (I LOVE to wear crowns) I will also buy a crown if the dress calls for it.

For instance, I have a bright pink top with a black skirt and I was lucky enough to have a friend find me a pair of hot pink high heel pumps. Otherwise, I would not have worn that outfit. I literally have a pair of shoes for every dress I own.

Good Times2: What is your to-go makeup?

DJane: Yeah, I love makeup but I don’t put it on for other people. I like it for myself. L’Oréal and Revlon along with some mixing and matching from different brands is what keeps my color options fresh and diverse.

I work as a filmmaker and a DJ so my image needs to have some buzz. That being said, I always choose makeup based on the event to make sure it matches. In a club it can be dark so you need way more sparkles to stand out on stage. When I am getting ready for a big event, it can take me two hours to put on my makeup. But not every day, of course. I don’t have the time and I have a business empire to run.

Good Times2: How do you maintain your flawless skin?

DJane: Yes, taking care of your skin is like building the right foundation for a house. If it has cracks, all sorts of problems will crop up no matter how many coats of paint you throw over it – because it’s not going to help! So to build the right foundation for my skin, I like to use SPF moisturizer every day, before I leave the house. Once a week on Sunday, I usually use Lancôme.

What I like to do is put the cream in the fridge door so that it doesn’t get too cold. Then I’ll put the cream on my face for about 20 minutes. Also at night, when I clean my face, I make sure to use only my ring finger to gently press and rotate counter clockwise around my face.

Good Times2: What is in your makeup survival bag?

DJane: These are what I like to refer to as my ‘must have on-the-go’. Things can be pretty unpredictable so I must be prepared. In the morning, I could throw on just a bit of makeup. But let’s say something big comes up in the evening – like an important business meeting, etc. What do I do then?

So, inside my bag I have mascara L’Oréal, some BB foundation, some travel pads of Lancôme, lip sticks (at least two color options), eye pencil, and a razor to sharpen the eye pencil. So even if I am ever abducted I will have these thing on me!

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