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Testing Doctors Possible: Ministry

Khmer Times Share:
Minister of Health Mam Bun Heng has been asked to make doctors sit for tests to make sure they are up to date with their medical knowledge. Supplied

The Ministry of Health (MoH) intends to discuss with Dr. Beat Richner the possibility of organizing a test for doctors in private clinics throughout the Kingdom about their professional knowledge, a spokesman confirmed yesterday.
MoH spokesman Ly Sovann told Khmer Times his ministry wanted to talk with Dr. Richner in order to strengthen the quality of Cambodian healthcare professionals.
“As Dr. Richner is one of the advisors to the MoH, we have to discuss with him how to organize the possible test of professional medical knowledge for private clinic doctors,” said Mr. Sovann.
The spokesman’s statement came after Dr. Richner proposed to the MoH on Sunday that it organize a test on medical knowledge for all private clinic doctors in the country. He said that if they failed the test, their clinics should be closed.
“As advisor to the Ministry of Health, I ask the Ministry of Health to organize exams for medical doctors working in private clinics. If they do not pass the exam, their private clinic must be closed,” wrote Dr. Richner in a post to his Facebook page on Sunday.
Dr. Richner was appointed by the government to be an advisor to the MoH in March. He is the founder of the five Kantha Bopha hospitals in Cambodia, which since 1991 have treated more than 15 million children, according to information on his website. He believes in providing high-quality care in whatever conditions and cost.
During the inauguration of Sihanouk Province Hospital in February, Prime Minister Hun Sen called on doctors in the country to help improve the healthcare system and educate the next generation to be better health professionals. “We have to recognize that some of our doctors do not follow the code of conduct and use bad words with patients. Some hospitals, also, put money above the treatment of their patients,” said the premier.

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