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New Weather Stations Being Built in Provinces

Khmer Times Share:
New weather forecasting equipment is being built across the country. Supplied

In an attempt to deliver more accurate weather reporting in the Kingdom, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology has started building 30 additional weather stations throughout the country, according to officials.
Stations have been installed in 13 provinces so far, with automatic hydro-met stations designed to measure the height of water being constructed in four provinces, according to Um Rina, director of the Department of Meteorology at the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology.
“It is good that we have these stations in our country. It is important to collect all weather and water data from wider destinations than before. We need to make our predictions more specific and this provides a lot of benefits to the people, especially farmers in the agricultural sector,” he said.
The stations will also study the soil and weather conditions to provide information to farmers to help them plan seasonal crops.
“Farmers can also use the specific information to know the temperature, rain and water flow,” he said.
The project was sponsored by the Asian Development Bank, he added.
Cambodia has 35 stations nationwide including 20 automatic weather stations and 15 automatic hydro-met stations.
The stations will improve the water resources available for local development and will provide national and international stability, the ministry’s website said.

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