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Malaysia Unprepared for Pedophiles

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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – In the shadows of Kuala Lumpur’s gleaming high-rises, a non-governmental organization has started holding workshops on sexual abuse for children of a poor Indian community, once a haunt of convicted British pedophile Richard Huckle.
It took weeks to convince the 200 families in the community, which cannot under law be named in order to protect the identity of Mr. Huckle’s victims, to allow their children, some as young as four, to gain some sex education.
“A lot of them are in denial. That’s still pretty much what is going on with the communities,” said Mariza Abdulkadir, interim executive director of Protect and Save (PS) the Children, the NGO conducting the workshops.
The NGO wanted to start the safety workshops much earlier, but they were able to get consent only recently. She said residents told her: “Why are you here? The victims are not among us, it’s other people.”
Asked what he learned in the sex education classes, one five-year-old boy in the neighborhood said: “No one can touch our private parts” and about “safety rules and feelings.”
Mr. Huckle was given 22 life sentences in a London court last Monday after admitting to 71 charges of sex abuse against children in Malaysia and Cambodia from the ages of six months to 12.
The 30-year-old Briton posed as a freelance photographer, English teacher and Western philanthropist over the past decade to gain access mostly to impoverished communities.
Malaysians have expressed outrage on social media over the apathy shown by law enforcement and government officials. British police said this week they told their counterparts in Kuala Lumpur about Mr. Huckle’s suspected behavior more than 18 months ago.
But under current Malaysian law, police do not have a lot of leeway to investigate child abuse. Not all forms of child abuse are necessarily a crime under Malaysian law: people can be charged only for rape – defined as penile penetration – and incest.

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