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Highest Hotel in Sunshine City

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Phnom Penh’s skyline could change with the city’s highest hotel in the soon-to-bebuilt Ding Li Sunshine City. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The highest hotel complex in Phnom Penh city will soon make its debut with ample parking space for all its guests and visitors. The complex, Ding Li Sunshine City, will be 37 stories high with four levels of underground parking, said its developer Ding Li Industrial Co. Ltd.
The China-based company invested $145 million in the project and will start laying the hotel complex’s foundation on June 12. Ding Li Sunshine City will be located at a site spanning 1,451 square hectares along Street 211 in Phnom Penh’s Sangkat Veal Vong.
Zhou Rong Chen, director of Ding Li Industrial Co., Ltd, said growth in the Kingdom’s tourism sector coupled with a healthy development in the real estate sector and political stability in the country made investors confident to pump in funds for building the highest hotel complex in greater Phnom Penh.
“This project will also offer new and unique opportunities for investors in the country because it will be the first hotel complex investment in Cambodia with joint title deeds, integrating together retail outlets, serviced offices and restaurants, and of course, the hotel,” added Mr. Zhou.
The 37-story hotel complex comprises luxury restaurants and cafes from the first to the third floors, educational centers, kindergartens and games rooms for children – to ease the worries of working parents – in the fourth and fifth floors, executive offices from the sixth to the 19th floors, the hotel between the 20th and the 35th floors and extravagant luxury restaurants on the 36th and 37th floors with spectacular birds-eye views of the capital city.
The developer will be engaging the Taiwan-based Evergrand Hotel Management Group, to manage the luxury hotel in Ding Li Industrial Co., Ltd’s first exclusive development in Phnom Penh.
Ling Guang Zhong, director of Evergrand, said his hotel management group had been operating in Cambodia for the past two years and is here to stay because of the growth of the property sector.
“When the project is complete, it will provide 300 to 400 jobs for Cambodians [in the hotel],” Mr. Ling said.
The project is one of the few development properties in Cambodia to have a four-level underground parking facility.
“Due to an acute shortage of parking space because of the increasing number of cars in the city, the company decided to build a four-level underground car park to ease vehicle congestion in the hotel complex,” said Ding Li Industrial Co., Ltd’s Mr. Zhou.
At any one time, according to the developer, the underground car park will be able to hold 200 cars.
The construction of the basement started on March 11 and the underground car park will be completed by June 30. According to the developer, the construction of Ding Li Sunshine City will be completed next January.
One of the unique features of Ding Li Sunshine City is a smart energy system. This smart energy system, which was patented in Europe, is a cost-effective energy system that combines the efficient use of energy and the use of renewable sources. It is an environmentally friendly system where energy production, distribution and consumption are linked together intelligently in a flexible way.
This smart energy conversion and storage system is used by the Sheraton and Hilton Hotels in Bangkok and Singapore and helps save about 40 percent in power bills.
On the investment front, Ding Li Sunshine City is providing investors with an attractive guaranteed 30 percent return in five years.

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