Millions Given for Waste Management

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The government has allocated $5 million across the Kingdom’s 46 sub-districts and towns to help with waste management by national and local institutions.
Pok Sokundara, the secretary general of the National League of Communes/Sangkats (NLC/S), said yesterday during a Dissemination Workshop on the Survey Results in Solid Waste Management Practices at municipal and district levels, that the NLC/S in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS Cambodia) intended to help in the decentralization of waste management.
“To implement the regulations, we need capacity building and to train district officials on their new roles and responsibilities,” Mr. Sokundara said, adding that at a local level, human resources in the waste management sector are still inexperienced.
“For the budget, the government has provided $5 million at the local level in order to work on waste management. The big problem on this work is we have not set exact roles yet. Recently the Ministry of Environment transferred responsibilities of waste management to lower levels.
“That is a new responsibility, that’s why we need to train local authorities on roles and responsibility,” said Mr. Sokundara.
Leng Vy, an under-secretary at the Interior Ministry, told Khmer Times yesterday that the ministry is preparing information about waste management for the general public.
“We do not have plans to fine those who throw waste or garbage anywhere. However, we have an order from inter-ministries that outlines fines for throwing garbage in public places, but it is not so strict.
“I think that our country should fine people for littering because other countries have implemented strict rules on this issue,” Mr. Vy said, adding that before enforcement could be put in place, educating citizens on the harmful effects of litter was vital.  
The NLC/S will educate people at the local levels on the effects of waste management after having completed a survey on the individual needs of each of the Kingdom’s 46 districts and towns last September and October.  

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