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Pig Kills Elderly Man in Prey Veng

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An 80-year-old man died in hospital on Friday evening after being bit by a neighbor’s pig at his Prey Chrom village home in Prey Veng province earlier in the day, according to police.
The 50kg pig was tied about 300 meters from Prak Pron’s home in Prey Touteung commune when it broke free, Mesang district police chief Nov Hach said. When Mr. Pron tried to chase the animal away, it bit him three or four times on his legs, Mr. Hach added.
“His wife and granddaughter were there too but could not help Mr. Pron because his wife was too old and his granddaughter was too small, only 11-years-old. He was killed not only from the pig bite, but his age played a factor too,” Mr. Hach said, adding that Mr. Pron’s case was being further investigated and would soon be sent to provincial police.
“In the village every house is quite far from each other so that was why other people or his neighbors could not help chase the pig away. According to the law this is an unintentional killing.”
The pig’s owner, a neighbor, was not detained for the actions of the animal. Mr. Pron’s body will be returned to his family after an autopsy is completed.

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