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Illegal Game Seized in Ratanakiri

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Nearly 60 kilograms of illegally poached boar, deer, monitor lizard and loris meat were seized during a raid of Ratanakiri’s Banlung market yesterday, according to local media and a Wildlife Alliance official, whose organization conducted the crackdown alongside National Gendarmerie officers.
“This morning’s crackdown was done by our organization. However, I cannot give details of what was confiscated because I am waiting for the report from my colleague,” a Wildlife Alliance official said under the promise of anonymity.
Local media reports say at least 59 kilograms of wild boar, deer and monitor lizard meat, as well as one entire dried loris, were seized in the operation, despite none of the sellers being arrested.
Adhoc provincial coordinator Chhay Thy said provincial authorities are lax when it comes to conducting such operations.
“I have never seen the provincial authority doing anything to those selling illegal game. Only the officials from the National Gendarmerie and Wildlife Alliance came to investigate the market. They disguised themselves as normal buyers,” Mr. Thy said.

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