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Federation Sees Opening on Digital Path

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Cambodia's ICT Association urged local entrepreneurs to use online businesses. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Cambodia’s young, tech-enthusiastic population is a gateway to accessing the global market digitally, according to the ICT Federation of Cambodia, with its president – Steven Path – estimating that the information and communication technology sector is already nearing about $1 billion in sales.
Federation chairman Sok Puthyvuth said young entrepreneurs should be using information and communication technology to tap markets inside and outside Cambodia’s borders and to link up with companies in other countries.
 “There are more and more spaces and more opportunities for young entrepreneurs to test themselves,” Mr. Puthyvuth said, adding that the government is increasing its support for new businesses.
Officials are now helping entrepreneurs develop business plans, teaching them about business models and also how to implement plans, he said.
 “The population is still young…it is not too late to get more from the young generation so that they can go forward and learn new skills to start up their own businesses,” Mr. Puthyvuth said.
Mr. Path, who is also CEO of Pathamazing, said there was a tremendous appetite for new technology among young Cambodians. The federation can help those in their mid-20s who want to start businesses by providing them with experience and mentorship, which will give them a greater chance of success when they launch a small business,” he added.  
 “If we are united, business leaders can set a model to help SMEs start up and link to the digital economy, Mr. Path said.
The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication is already encouraging young people start tech businesses, under-secretary of state Khov Makara said.
He said the ministry was establishing and environment that would make it easier for digital start-ups to operate as well as focusing on research and development to ensure universal access to digital technology.

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