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Entrepreneurs develop networking in Thailand

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Lim Houng (middle) attended the YEN-D in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Supplied

Sponsored by the Thai Commerce Ministry’s Foreign Trade Department, 30 young entrepreneurs have been selected and invited to Thailand to participate through the Young Entrepreneur Network Development Programme, as Batch One of the fourth season (YEN-D 4.1).

YEN-D was initiated in 2015 with the aim of connecting successful young entrepreneurs in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand in order to establish networks.

Lim Houng, a successful entrepreneur selected to take part in the programme, said YEN-D is a crucial programme for young Cambodian entrepreneurs to be aware of because they can gain lots of experience and networking opportunities in Thailand.

Lim Houng received the YEN-D certificate after joining a programme. Supplied

“I think it is good for us to be aware of this programme. Besides being fully funded, I got a chance to meet 30 Thai and 29 Cambodian business owners including entrepreneurs. Through the programme, I was able to showcase my business ideas in front of many big business owners and entrepreneurs out there. At the same time, I learned much and got lots of motivation from coaches during my presentation,” said Ms Houng.

She emphasised that English language proficiency is a basic requirement of this programme, as all entrepreneurs are given a five-minute business showcase. The entrepreneurs must be ready for this. She added that there are coaches available for those who lack public speaking skills.

The purpose of the programme, she said, is to reduce barriers among business owners in Asean.

“We all were invited to stay in Kanchanaburi province, which is a popular tourist destination in Thailand. There, we were divided to work in teams to find ways to promote local SMEs. Though we hadn’t met each other before, we all participated in creating 2-minute videos, as our theme was the promotion of digital marketing and using it to raise funds. Everything went much better than I expected.”

She added, “My team picked an idea to help children who play music there, which I liked, as I am passionate about helping small children. They could earn money to support themselves, go to school and learn music for free.”

Before departing for Cambodia, she learned a lot about the process of doing business in Thailand from successful businesspeople.

“Being talented in business is not enough for entrepreneurs; instead they have to build up credibility to be well known. Then business will flow in.”

She emphasised after attending the programme that it doesn’t have to be risky to operate a business in other countries, saying she had built up trust with many companies.

“The culture of sharing is still a priority for me. There were only three people who knew about this programme before we went. As a Cambodian entrepreneur, I think it is a great programme, and I recommend it. I want them to grab this chance as its requirements are not hard to fulfill,” Ms Houng said.

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