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City Hall to battle traffic jam hot spots

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:

The municipal public works department yesterday identified 182 points in the capital that must be targeted for traffic jam reductions.

Officials from the National Committee for Road Traffic Safety held a meeting with the department yesterday, led by Transport Minister Sun Chanthol.

The meeting followed the creation of a working group earlier this week by Interior Minister Sar Kheng to battle traffic jams.

Sam Piseth, director of the municipal public works department, said 182 points were identified in the meeting as needing solutions to reduce traffic jams, particularly in Daun Penh, Chamkar Mon, Tuol Kork and Russey Keo districts.

“Those are the main areas that need solutions to reduce traffic jams that people always complain about almost every day,” he said. “Even though we have traffic lights and signs now, some people do not obey them and this adds to the jams.”

Mr Piseth added that a lack of traffic law enforcement, public transportation systems and expressways also added to the problem.

Transport Minister Sun Chanthol.

Mr Piseth said some vendors still sold food along the sidewalks and roads, while others parked their cars along the road, which also made the jams worse.

“We are still lacking solutions to these problems and if we don’t find solutions soon, people are just going to keep complaining,” he said.

Mr Chanthol said that the working group has been tasked with finding the needed solutions and would fulfil its duties.

“The new working group which was just created recently has to find solutions for traffic jams in our city,” he said. “There are many problems, but we can find solutions step by step.”

Deputy Governor Mean Chanyda said reducing traffic jams was a priority for his administration.

“Finding solutions for traffic jams is a big concern for the government,” he said. “The people complain to the government about this problem a lot.”

He added that all district authorities have been asked to enforce public order along their main roads, including getting vendors off the streets and ensuring construction sites were not encroaching on roadways.

“Sometimes, building construction areas break public sidewalks and some parts of the road, which then causes traffic jams,” he said.

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