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Cybercrime law on the way

Chea Vannak / Khmer Times Share:

The recent malware attack on computer systems around the world has pushed authorities in Cambodia to get closer to finishing a draft of a new cybercrime law.

The second global malware attack in the past 12 months has caused alarm bells to ring in many countries, and at the Cambodia 4G LTE International Conference in Phnom Penh on Friday there were many calls for more security.

Tan Sopheak, the chief of the ICT security bureau at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, said that while a cyber security law is being drafted, the public should also be aware of cyber crime attacks in sectors sch as e-commerce.

“We don’t yet have a cybercrime law, so it is hard to define transactions – whether or not they are of criminal intent – so we should be aware of this,” Mr Sopheak said.

The draft of the cybercrime law is being overseen by the Ministry of Interior, with support from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Mr Sopheak said.

The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications have studied a cybercrime law model from the United States, according to Mr. Sopheak.

Insiders said discussions are needed about the sectors of e-commerce and e-banking, which need data protection from hackers.

Im Vutha, the spokesman at the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia, said the cybercrime law would take time due to its scope and the many sectors involved, particularly national security concerns.

“It is a risk for transactions of e-payment, for example, but like other countries, in Cambodia, individuals and companies have their own way to protect their transactions,” Mr. Vutha said.

“People should be aware when using ID cards or barcodes for transactions, which can easily be hacked.”

The e-commerce law and cybercrime law are being drafted and expected to be put into use soon, he added.

An official said the e-commerce law is expected to be submitted for discussion and then approved at the National Assembly at the end of this year. At the moment the draft is being worked on at the Ministers Council, he said.

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