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Things to consider before you sign

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The rental market is growing rapidly. KT/FABIEN MOURET

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When it comes to inspections for a new rental property, the bulk of your search and consideration usually revolves around technical aspects of the new home, such as proximity to your office or your children’s school, your budget, the number of bedrooms and the like – it is easy to overlook some of the smaller but equally important details during the heat of the viewing.
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Here’s a checklist, thanks to, to ensure you’re not forgetting anything.

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How’s the landlord?
Always do a background check of your landlord to make sure everything is above board. This need not be a difficult one, or necessarily call on any official records. Neighbors and grocery shop owners in the vicinity are often the best sources that can help you ascertain your prospective landlord’s nature and his ownership over the property. Also, you should check how far or close he or she lives from the rented apartment. 
A landlord who is too nosey is sometimes equally as bad as an extremely laid back one. A lot of good apartment rental experiences are ruined because of landlords – so work out fast whether or not yours in a keeper. 
Also, try to speak with past tenants. The landlord may be able to provide contact details of the last tenant. If he or she does, call them and get the lowdown on the property and the landlord before agreeing to sign on.
Meet the neighbors:
Similar to the above regarding landlords, a bad neighbor can ruin your rental experience. Try to meet your neighbors before finalizing the house agreement and find out whether they will have an overbearing influence on your life. Consider their set up too – is it a family living beside your house or a bunch of young guys? This will make a difference to your satisfaction once the contract is done – so find out before the point. 
Visit at night:
Visit the area where your new residence resides at night to check its safety. A neighborhood that’s calm during the daytime can turn into a very noisy place at night time. Does a KTV open next door after 7pm? Does the entrance to your prospective home sufficient lighting? Do you feel safe in the new area? If you don’t, you can bet your family won’t.
Is your pet allowed?
Find out your landlord’s stance on pets, if you have any. Many landlords don’t allow pets, so finding one which does can often be a challenge for the renter with fluffy friends.
Consider the local commute:
Try and get to work, or school, from the new house – before agreeing to live there. Many times, our commute related research is merely based on the rough distance between your home and destination. Walk through your travel route and see how easy and efficient it really is. 
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