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In memory of Sok An
Dear sir,
The death of Samdech Vibol Panha Sok An is a tremendous loss for all of us. Excellency Dr. Sok An has passed away, but his legacies of all forms continue to shine on. We all need to join hands and pretend that he is still with us and keep working as we have been doing over the years. 
Many of us, who worked under his leadership, learned a great deal from him…working as a press officer for more than nine years and attending a number of meetings he chaired and talked at with guests and delegations from all walks of life, I learned the way he handled the meetings, how he used his diplomatic skills in negotiations for the interest/sake of our nation and the Cambodian people as a whole.
His contributions to the global cultural preservation and conservation through his active works alongside with UNESCO, the World Heritage Committee and much more. May his spirit rest in peace. I wish his family all the best and happiness. 
Ek Tha aka Ek Madra

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