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Pensions rise in the pipeline

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Heads of government must sign off on the pensions increase before the amounts are announced. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Retired civil servants and military veterans are to get a pension rise next month, along with the same 50,000 riel Khmer New Year allowance as serving civil servants and armed forces members.
Civil Service ministry spokesman Sar Samedy said yesterday that the ministry has prepared seven decrees on the allowance rise, which applies also to prison officials.
However, he did not confirm the salary details because they were waiting for the heads of government to sign off on it first.
He said the pension will be divided into four levels depending on the working level of each official.
Inaugurating a new building at Boeng Kok secondary school in Kampong Cham province last month, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced a budget of about 30 billion riel (about $7 million) to support civil servants and the armed forces in the Khmer New Year.
The pension rise will also take place in April.
Figures for last year show there were just over 200,000 civil servants, made up of about 38,500 national level officials and about 162,500 regional officials.
Pal Bonna, a retired teacher from Pursat province, urged the government to raise the pension for teachers to more than 500,000 riel ($125) a month to make their lives easier.
“Normally, the pension is 350,000 riel ($87) which is too little. We cannot live on this. We survive these days because we work as farmers.”
Cambodia’s Independent Civil Servants Association president Heak Pring congratulated the government for taking care of working and retired civil servants.
The pension rise and other allowances would help to improve their standard of living, he said.
“When the government helps with salaries and other allowances every year, it can help to reduce the plight of civil servants,” he said.
“When they get a suitable salary, their services to the public are also suitable.” However, he urged the government to take measures to prevent rises in the price of goods once the salaries have risen.
He added that their current pension is not sufficient when compared with prices, which means retired civil servants still face challenges.

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